Horses Shed Their Tails Once A Year In The Fall, 2011

Installed at Currents 2012 International New Media Art Festival. Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A

Video Documentation


29 Nov 2011 – 17 Dec 2011 · BUS Projects · Gallery Two · Melbourne, Australia
22 June 2012 – 8 July 2012 · CURRENTS 2012 · Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A

Horses Shed Their Tails Once A Year In The Fall draws from the sensory experience of the carousel and was the artist’s first solo exhibition since returning from a three month research trip in the U.S.A where she volunteered at an antique carousel restorers' studio in California. A universal symbol for childhood and heavily surrounded by nostalgia, Santina Amato’s initial attraction to the carousel was to explore how she could intertwine a child-like aesthetic into society’s perspective of feminine beauty, attraction, sexuality and death.

Using some of the old world techniques acquired during her time at Running Horses Studio, Amato created a site-specific performance video and sculptural installation at BUS Projects, in Melbourne, Australia. Three components make up this installation. The first is a video performance of a woman standing still with her mouth open. The only movements she makes is the occasional blinking of her eyes. Amato placed a real horses tail into the position of the woman’s mouth, adding a three dimensional object to the projected image. The second component is a door that has been influenced by the painting one typically sees at a carousel. The oil painting in the bottom panels is a landscape of sheep, mirroring each other. The final component is a fun mirror, the lush gloss red shape reminiscent of a woman’s painted lips, reflects the shape cut out of the door and distorts the audience members reflection upon entering the gallery space.

Amato is collating her research and experiences of the carousel on her artist blog (, which is quickly becoming a rich resource on the use of the carousel in contemporary western culture.

The catalogue essay written by Laura Castagnini can be viewed at the link below.

Horses Shed Their Tails Once A Year In The Fall has been selected to participate in Currents 2012, Santa Fe International New Media Art Festival in the U.S.A.