Your Future Tense, 2012

Excerpt of accompanying video


14 Feb 2012 – 4 Mar 2012 · MARS Gallery · Not In Love · Melbourne, Australia

Your Future Tense brings together a toy designed for little girls to daydream of one day becoming a princess, with a poetry reading written by a lusty adult male to his Valentine. Amato has recreated an adult size version of toy maker Mattel’s Princess Belle chair (Beauty And The Beast) and invites the audience to sit upon the princess chair. Once seated, a set of headphones allows the participant to enter into an intimate world of fairytale and fantasy by listening to a poetry reading of English poet John Fuller’s, Valentine (reading by Tom O’Bedlam, Spoken Verse). A transcribed video of the poem projects onto the participants lap, allowing the words spoken to run across ones thighs in a tantalizing fashion.