Frozen Volatility, 2013


1 Jan 2013 – 2 Feb 2013 · BLINDSIDE Contemporary Art Space · Melbourne, Australia

Created during the artists Summer Studio Residency Program at BLINDSIDE Contemporary Art Space, Amato developed and created work within the gallery space, building a site for exploration and growth, as well as exhibition.

Frozen Volatility is a frozen sculpture contained within a drawer freezer. The artist created a silicone mold of a pair of stilettos during her residency and proceeded to attempt to create the perfect pair of iced stilettos. The process was frustrating and time consuming as only one pair of stilettos a day could be produced. The end result is a frozen sculpture of the success and failures of her attempts.

On opening night, Amato swung open the door of the freezer as the audience watched over a two hour duration, the stilettos melting before their very eyes. A one months process melting and disappearing within two hours.

Following is an excerpt of the catalogue essay accompanying the exhibition written by Ace Wagstaff.

“The world sees female poets as crazy bitches and male poets as prophets”¹. This was the first thing I thought of after I woke from an uneasy sleep plagued with dreams of James Cameron’s Titanic, stilettos made of ice, having sex in tiled public bathrooms, L’oreal ad campaign slogans, Sigourney Weaver as Ripley playing Sarah Connor in Terminator II, and Al Gore lecturing on the decline of sexism.

“It’s an inconvenient truth for sexist bigots that the polar ice of misogyny is melting away from society. There is still a way to go: you can’t sink a Titanic patriarchy without an iceberg that is both visible above the surface of societal norms but also hides 80% of its strength beneath the surface, weighing solidly in the ideas and thoughts of every man and woman who believes in equality”, you tell ‘em, Mister almost-president.

As a part of Santina Amatos Blindside Summer Studio, she intended to create a pair of ice stilettos. Stilettos are a staple of the femme fatale archetypes ensemble: an impractical piece of footwear, touted as a good way to show off ones legs, and, if we’re to trust a Single White Female’s² presentation of the structural strength of a stiletto heel, it is also strong enough to pierce a douchebags eye, enter his skull, and lay him out like one of Batemans poor lady-victims.

Ace Wagstaff.