Porn Installation

Violet Room, 2018. Installation View. Duration 02:32

Green Room, 2016. Installation View. Video Duration 08:35

Blue Room, 2016. Installation View. Duration 00:42 Loop.


This video series appropriates amateur pornographic content collected off the Internet. Focusing on amateur porn allows for the professionalization of the industry to be removed & a supposed view into what is actually happening within the closed doors of private homes is seen. Through the fragmentation, processing and consumption of the image that represents the intimate act of sex, a re-contextualising of the original video into abstracted forms & movements, asks the viewer to renegotiate the meaning of the original & reflect on the psychosexual nature of relationships between couples in an attempt to further understand gender dynamics within society at large.
Blue Room sees the splitting of the video and inturn, the splitting the performers body in two, creating a space between screens that causes a rupture, eliminating any narrative or unity, just as porn does in relation to the what it references in real life. The disembodied legs move within a background that is the same colour of it’s skin tone, which creates an unsettling virtual space for the viewer where the performer, is basically, fucking himself.
Appearing as if in an Edward Hopper motel painting, Green Room distorts what we are looking at, recalibrating our perception of the animate. By cropping and magnifying a section of the moving image and the representation of the body, Green Room asks the viewer to fill in the blank.

Whether it be a personal device or split screen monitors, the presentation and installation of these works is an important component, creating a consciousness to the act of looking.